We are a friendly club based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. No matter what your aims or goals are, whether it is for keeping fit, losing weight, joining in our social groups or running to be competitive, we can help! Training sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6.30 at Wrenn School, Doddington Road, Wellingborough, NN8 2JJ.

VMLM Club ballot

If you have been rejected in the VMLM ballot and wish to try your luck in the club ballot, you need to keep hold of either your email (if rejected electronically), or your paper rejection slip (if you received a rejection magazine through the post).
Emails should be forwarded to secretary@wdac.org.uk and rejection slips should be handed in to Alan Mills on a club night.

Once Steph has received further information regarding the number of club places we have been granted, details will be released to members regarding when the club draw will take place.  (As a rough guide, the club were granted three places for the draw last year.)

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IMPORTANT:  Please see below a list of the rules regarding our club ballot:

* In order to apply for a club place for London 2017 you must have been a paid-up member of the club since April 2015 and have received a rejection slip through the post/via email. This will give you one entry into the club ballot for a chance at gaining a position in the London 2017 marathon.

* You can gain a second entry into the club ballot if you marshaled at the Club's Welly 5 race in July or ran one of the first 8 Northants Road Running League races for the club over the Summer months.

* A third and final entry can be had by running 5 or more of the NRRL races (or by marshalling at the Welly 5 and running 4 or more of the NRRL races). This has been done to encourage runners to run for their club in the league races.

The maximum ballot entries for a club position in London 2017 is three.

It is also a requirement that if you win a club place in the draw for London, you must represent the club by wearing your club vest during the race.

Update on Tom from NRR

Here at WDAC we have received several messages from worried runners who were concerned for Tom, the Northampton Road Runner who collapsed during the Wellingborough 5 race on Sunday.  Below is an email we received from NRR earlier today and we are very happy to hear that Tom has been making good progress since arriving at Kettering Cardiac Unit on Sunday afternoon.  We wish Tom all the best for a full recovery.

A very many thanks go out to all who stopped to help him or comfort others on the day.


Dear all,
I know you're all extremely concerned about Tom. The very good news is that he woke up by himself, without having to be brought out of the induced coma. He recognised us, which was extremely important and was able to communicate by nodding 'yes' and 'no'. He was trying to ask me something, but had a tube in his mouth, and indicated he wanted pen and paper. The nurse provided it and he wrote 'what was my time'. He was quite upset when I told him he was a DNF! We knew we had Tom back!

The thinking is that Tom has arrhythmia and will need a device fitted to 'kick in' if his heartbeat is irregular.

He isn't out of the woods and is still in intensive care, but we can't believe the difference 24 hours can make. Tom is only with us still because of the amazing efforts of some passing runners. One was a doctor and I know two were police officers. To say Tom was lucky is an understatement - they saved his life.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We hope and pray he will make a full recovery.

Wellingborough 5 results

Well done to all who raced earlier today. Results are now available.

Pre Welly 5 BBQ run results

Well done to everybody that took part in last night's Pre Welly 5 BBQ run and a big thank you to everybody who gave up their time to marshal or help to put on such a great event.

Pre-Welly 5 BBQ run - Wellingborough runners

Results for our club runners have been entered into our results database in the usual way.

As in previous years, we we were joined by several Northampton Road Runners on the evening.  Results below:

Pos: Name: Time:
4 Mark Garrett 34:12
12 Ronnie Ambrose 36:15
13 Liz Dabell 36:37
15 Seb Perry 37:19
24 Wendy Parker 39:08
29 Eamon Kennedy 40:09
30 Alan Hall 40:16
32 Sharky Cotterell 40:32
47 Danielle Meadows 46:03
54 Charlene Bennett 48:49
55 Kerry Bate 48:50
62 Claire Eales 53:40
69 Jo Letts 57:22
70 Tony Letts 57:22

For the first time this year, we were also joined by Redwell Runners and their results are below:

Pre-Welly 5 BBQ run - Redwell runners

Pos: Name: Time:
3 Stuart Trevellion 33:56
27 Phil Kidd 39:56
31 Trevor Wright 40:24
33 Neil McKenzie 40:43
43 Roz Taylor 45:05
56 Sally Kettleborough 48:53
58 Louise Marks 50:20
63 Karen Callow 54:16
64 Wendy Southerland 54:47
65 Catherine Lohan 54:55
73 Penny Kidd 58:00
74 Kelly Anderson 58:38
75 Esther Morgan 58:38

Pre Welly 5 BBQ

This Thursday (21st July), the whole club will meet at the Old Grammarian Sports Ground at 6:30pm, instead of our usual training at Wrenn School.  This will be an opportunity for all marshals to run the Welly 5 route, which will then be followed by a BBQ.

Arrive wearing your club vest at the Old Grammarians from 6:30pm to allow time for a pre-run photograph before setting off on the course at 7pm.  The course will be marshaled by the teams who have been selected to run the Welly 5 by our captains.  This is so that everyone gets a go at running the course and receiving a time.

Please bring your own BBQ food and snacks for after the run.  As in previous years, the club will provide the disposable BBQs.  Please do not bring your own drinks - the OGs bar will be open on the night.


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